NYC October 27: "Orange Alert" in unity with Iraq Moratorium - No Attack on Iran! Bush and Cheney Out Now!

It was a great day!

At 1pm,about 50 people representing World Can't Wait, Code Pink, Raging Grannies, Students for a Democratic Society, Movement for a Democratic Society, "Arrest Bush", a spirited delegation of students from John Jay College and others, joined in a press conference on the steps of City Hall. Six rousing speeches about ending the war in Iraq, not attacking Iran and Driving Out the Bush regime, along with several different pledges to resist an attack on Iran, including World Can't Wait's new Pledge of Resistance to a war on Iran (which over 1,000 people have already taken) where given in the presence of Columbia University TV and WBAI Pacifica Radio. Enlarged photos of one of the speaker’s family in Iran were used to demonstrate the human aspect of what is at risk if Iran were attacked. WBAI aired part of the conference on the radio later in the day.

Then in a joint effort with Students for Democratic Society, Code Pink and the Iraq Moratorium, over 100, and at times 150, converged at Union Square and then proceeded on a “resistance tour to midtown office of global criminals & enablers of the Bush regime.” The crowd was overwhelmingly youth and students. A sizable and spirited contingent from John Jay College led the way, along with a group from Fashion Industries High School, and students from Hunter College, Columbia University, New School, NYU, PACE and Queens College. We marched to the offices of “L-3 Titan”, where orange-jumped suited protesters knelled down in the entrance of this notorious “private contractor” similar to Blackwater operating in Iraq, then to Bechtel Corporation, a major military contractor in Afghanistan and Iraq, and then to the Times Square Military Recruitment Center.

In the days and weeks leading up to the 16th, hundreds of people, mainly students at John Jay, Columbia University, and Hunter College took the Iran Quiz: Who Is the Real Nuclear Threat?, pointed to and documenting the extent to which people have been systematically lied to concerning basic facts about what is happening in the Middle East.

This "orange alert" was nation-wide and reports of actions around the country are being posted at
[all photos courtesy ThomasGood / Next Left Notes]

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