November 16: Orange ALERT to PREVENT Bush Bombing Iran

The moves towards a U.S. attack on Iran should be alarming every peace and justice loving person on the planet.
Just a couple of recent examples: Bush invokes “World War 3.” Cheney is reported to be cooking up plans for Israel to attack Iran , and then for the U.S. to dive into the war when Iran counter-attacks. The massive concentration of U.S. naval power off the coast of Iran puts the U.S. in position to attack at any time. Unfortunately, this is just a small part of the evidence of preparations for an attack that is extensive and growing.

Where are the voices of opposition and resistance to this? Where the voices of people determined to PREVENT a new war beginning in Iran, which could quickly engulf the whole Middle East and beyond? Many people are closing their eyes to this threat, are in a state of paralysis and/or denial. Meanwhile the Bush regime, the leaders of the Democratic Party and the major media are all pumping out and repeating blatant lies to keep people in the dark about what is really going on there.

We need to change this situation and fast! “We” is all of us, coming together, bringing together our anger, our creativity, our determination to act. Here are some plans and proposals:
Friday, November 16th – “ORANGE ALERT” – PREVENT Bush Bombing Iran!
On November 16th, and on campuses on the days leading up to it, there will be actions declaring: No Attack on Iran! Bush & Cheney Out Now! These actions are being planned in unity with Iraq Moratorium nationwide.

Plans in New York:
1:00 PM on the steps of City Hall, Press conference and speak-out with prominent voices will be publicly pledging resistance to an attack on Iran (details to be announced).

3:00 PM Union Square, rally with World Can’t Wait, Students for Democratic Society and many others (complete list to be announced).
This will be followed by a resistance tour to the mid-town offices of global criminals, benefactors and enablers whose hands are bloody from the deaths of hundreds of thousands in Iraq and endanger far more with a war on Iran.
There are many nominees for tour stops: the Times Square recruitment center, Fox news, the NY Times, Hillary Clinton's office, and various military contractors. Details will be announced at the rally.
People will be carrying photos of ordinary Iranians, young people, families, children – those facing death unless we PREVENT an attack on Iran.

Take/give the IRAN QUIZ in classes, dorms and town squares, and tabulate the results!
On campuses, November 13, 14, and 15, there will be speak outs and thousands will be taking the “Iran Quiz”. These will speak to important questions holding people back:
Many people ARE very concerned about the spread of nuclear weapons and worry of the real danger that they will get used. But Bush & Company are feeding people a massive, daily dose of lies and misinformation, so that people's just concerns are being manipulated and misdirected into supporting the very forces who are the greatest danger here. The extent of this is powerfully shown when lots of people take the WCW IRAN QUIZ. The questions on the quiz are very basic, elementary questions, that anyone ought to be able to answer. Yet most people who have taken the quiz in the U.S., under the barrage of misinformation from the Bush regime, Congress and their enablers and press agents in the mass media -- can't correctly answer all of them. Download the quiz in a form for passing out in classes.

What does it mean when you learn that you have been lied to and your concerns manipulated? Students shouldn’t “take our word” on this, in addition to the Quiz we’ll provide not only an answer sheet, but documentation. [] Taking and “grading” this quiz will document how much people are being lied to and manipulated. [Please send us the results so that we can document them nationally. ] It will be a real “eye opener” and makes many angry and needing/wanting to act. The campuses need to be alive this coming week with discussions, debate and planning for mobilizing to PREVENT the next war, and to drive out the criminals responsible for such massive war crimes.

Wear Orange Everywhere!
Why an “Orange” alert? Because launching yet a third unjust and criminal war is part of the larger “package” of Bush crimes. Orange is the color that those they torture in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib must wear. Wear orange everywhere to declare that torture, that “waterboarding” must stop, that the wars must end, that all the crimes of Bush & Cheney must stop, that these war criminals need to be impeached and driven from office.

Check for updates and more details between now and November 16th.
Contact us to share your plans, to invite a speaker to come to your school, class, or community center, to give the Iran Quiz and speak about the danger of war against Iran.

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