Friday February 15 – Iraq Moratorium Day: NYC Day of Action vs. Military Recruiters

Friday February 15 – Iraq Moratorium Day
Recruitment Keeps the Illegitimate War Going – Bring it to a Halt!
National Day of Action Against the Military Recruiters

More and more military recruitment centers have recently opened to pull high school students into the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Stop the business as usual of dragging youth into the war machine!

With righteous indignation, ridicule, and reality, we will gather youth, grannies, anti-war protesters, and public office holders to say NO! We’re going on FIVE years of this immoral, unjust war. The people must stop it.

Actions in Berkeley, California have repeatedly shut down the new recruiting station near Berkeley High School and the city council of Berkeley California recently passed a resolution that this new recruiting station “is not welcome in the city, and if recruiters choose to stay, they do so as uninvited and unwelcome intruders.” Pro-war Senators are threatening to take the city’s federal money away, and pro-war protesters are vilifying the council’s stand against the war.

More people should take the stand of those in Berkeley - it needs to spread across the country. The majority of people in this country ARE against the war and ARE against torture, and many people ARE searching for something tangible beyond protest-as-usual to end the war.
World Can’t Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime!

In New York City:

1:00 PM Press Conference
Manhattan City Hall Steps (between Park Row and Broadway)
Join World Can’t Wait, CodePink, Women for Peace NYC, Students for a Democratic Society, the Granny Peace Brigade, Campus Anti-war Network (CAN)- Fordham, American Friends Service Committee (with their Cost of War Exhibition), MDS-SI, invited City Council members and many others (list in formation) in this 6th Iraq Moratorium event. AND:
3:00 PM Take Action / No Business As Usual
Beginning at Army Recruitment Center
East Harlem / “El Barrio”, 126 East 103rd Street

(near corner of Lexington Avenue, 6 train to 103rd)

This new recruitment center in East Harlem / “El Barrio” is an example of how the recruiters particularly target Black and Latino youth and immigrants with their lies and to steal more lives for the U.S. war machine. Join us.

Wear orange - the color of resistance to whole Bush program of war, torture, spying, lying and repression. The world can't wait - DRIVE OUT the Bush regime!

Download and print flyers and distributed them widely:
English one side / Spanish one side