Help make it happen!

There are three broad areas of work to do this week: Outreach, fundraising, and media

Flyering (with orange bandanas, ribbons, and contact sheets) for Friday’s event
Visiting store owners near Union Square about selling orange bandanas/displaying posters for the event.
Emailing or telephoning the leaders of organizations urging them to post this event on their listservs and, of course, to attend themselves.
Help design an eye-catching banner for Friday's event.
Bandanas, flyers, ribbons, and other materials all cost money!
We want to print a powerful ad in the West Side Spirit, Our Town, Downtown, The Westsider, and Chelsea Clinton News:

The price for the ad to appear in all five papers is $2500--help make it possible for this Thursday's printing! Donate online through paypal at (link at bottom of email). Or donate by checkend checks payable to NYC-World Can't Wait to: NYC World Can't Wait, 305 Madison Avenue, Suite 1166, New York, NY 10165.
We also need people who are able to call and/or email potential donors this week. If you have never done this before, don’t worry—it’s easy and we will show you the ropes!
Finally, we need volunteers to research the cost of various materials.
We need volunteers to help with contacting local print, radio, and television media about covering Friday’s event. In the case of radio, we need to get Public Service Annoucements on the air.
We are of course open also to other ideas you have for how to help make Friday a success. Please email or call 347-678-5905 to let us know how and when you could help this week.