Hundreds of NYC youth engage with the "We Are Not Your Soldiers" anti-recruiter tour!
Tour now extended a second week in NYC

The tour has been to classes and assemblies at City College and a number of high school classes.

There has been intense discussion, about the war, the military and what can be done. In one school several students asked for passes so they could attend it again.

This leg of the tour has featured two GI resisters:

Carl Dix -- one of the "Fort Lewis 6" - Black soldiers who refused orders to go to Vietnam (listen/view Carl's talk at City College) and

Matthis Chiroux who served 5 years in the Army, was honorably discharged, and then was called up again to go to Iraq, and has publicly refused those orders.

An example of what happened in the classrooms: One high school student raised her hand after hearing their testimony and angrily declared, "but those are human beings over there [in Iraq and Afghanistan] just like us!", leading to some deep interplay between the students and the visiting speakers.

Arrangements have been made for the tour to continue next week in NYC area. Already they are scheduled for five more classes.

If you are a student or teacher and want to have the tour come to your school, contact us immediately.

If you are a student, and want to get involved in the tour and in organizing protests to stop these recruiters from spewing their poisonous lies unapposed, contact us.

If you are a parent or anyone else who wants to support this tour, with a generous donation, or your time, contact us. Donate on line. or 347-678-5905 or 866-973-4463

For more detail news and on-line discussion of the progress of the tour nationally:

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