Bring "We are Not Your Soliders to your school!

Bring the "We Are Not Your Soldiers" anti-recruiter Tour to your school!
Coming to NYC Area
December 8-12
Contact us NOW to help make this happen!


Barack Obama says he will increase the US military by 92,000. Where will all these troops come from? The military recruiters have a huge budget to recruit youth who are in high school now. They roam the hallways and lunch-rooms, call students at home, and set up at malls where kids hang out.

The military cannot fight and cannot expand the "war on terror" in Afghanistan without this fresh infusion of cannon fodder. Military recruiters now have almost unlimited access to reach high school students because the "No Child Left Behind" law ties funding for schools to whether recruiters can get access to all the students.

The tour will bring to students the desperately-missing truth of what the "war on terror" is all about, no matter who is president. The military is already selling the idea that Obama will "end the war in Iraq, so people who join now won't be sent to war at all." This is a lie! Many people don't know that Obama has plans to expand the unjust war on the people of Afghanistan, and also to attack Pakistan, and perhaps, Iran.

The tour will explain, through the words of veterans themselves, how the US occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan have killed over a million people; displaced more than four million, and destroyed the infrastructure of both countries.

When recruiters come into their schools, students need to know exactly what they are being recruited for. Not "freedom," not "democracy" and not better "career options." Most people dying in Iraq are civilians, not combatants. The US forces have detained tens of thousands in their own countries. Women in the US military report widespread sexual assault by their own peers.

Speakers on the tour will give students reasons not to go into the military, and will help organize collective resistance to recruiters' lies. We think we can help create a situation where students and teachers are stepping out of their silent hatred for recruiters, and spreading visible mass resistance to joining this military as a big part of stopping this war of terror for empire.

Classroom presentations will include:

A short presentation by a World Can't Wait youth organizer and either an Iraq/Afghanistan war veteran or a military family member;

  • An open discussion;
  • A 10-minute video clip of testimony by Iraq veterans from the March 2008 Winter Soldier hearings about what they witnessed and perpetrated and footage of high school students protesting military recruiters, and;
  • A short survey that students will take to give us all a sense of what they think.
Speakers for the NYC-area part of Tour will include:

Matthis photoMatthis Chiroux. Matthis is an Iraq/Afghanistan war veteran, honorably discharged after 5 years in the army. Subsequently, he received forced reactivation orders for Iraq, and has publicly refused those orders. Thus, he is now a military resister. Matthis organized the anti-war veterans' protest at the last presidential debate at Hofstra University and is a student at Brooklyn College.

Carl Dix. Carl was one of the "Fort Lewis 6", Black GI's who refused to go to Vietnam in 1970, and he did time at Fort Leavenworth Military Penitentiary for this "crime." A lifelong revolutionary, Carl is a representative of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Elaine Brower photoElaine Brower. Elaine is a leader of World Can't Wait and outspoken activist against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Her son is currently stationed in Iraq.

Contact us as soon as possible to arrange for the tour to come to your school, for more information and to help organize: 347-678-5905 or 866-973-4463


Come to next World Can't Wait meeting

Monday, Dec. 1st, 6:30 PM
632 Broadway, 3rd Floor

We will:

  • Make plans for the "We Are Not Your Soldiers" tour (see above)
  • Report back from national conference of World Can't Wait
  • Make plans for "STOP Endless Wars for Empire" action in mid-December

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