The Change We’re Fighting For:

STOP the Endless Wars for Empire!

Tuesday November 11 (Veterans’ Day), 7:00 pm

Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South, NYC


Scott Ritter, former US weapons inspector, author of Waging Peace: The Art of War for the Antiwar Movement and Target Iran: The Truth About the White House’s Plans for Regime Change

Larry Everest, writer for Revolution newspaper, author of Oil, Power and Empire: Iraq and the U.S. Agenda

Jeremy Scahill, correspondent for Democracy Now, author of Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army

Elaine Brower, military family member and leader of The World Can’t Wait

While people in the US were voting for President Obama, a US air strike on an Afghan wedding party killed 34 civilians. On November 5, another killed 7 civilians. US drones daily cross the border into Pakistan, where scores of civilians have been bombed.

Obama, the “anti-war” candidate wants to leave 50 to 80,000 troops in Iraq, and move more combat brigades to Afghanistan. He promises to increase the US military by 92,000, ready to project American empire further on the lives of kids in high school now. Obama proposed sending drones and special forces into Pakistan - a sovereign country - and the Bush regime secretly began attacks on Pakistan in July, which have killed scores of civilians, as part of the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive war.

Participate in an intensive look at what to expect under Obama, what must be yet stopped under Bush, and begin making plans immediately to build a movement to stop the crimes done by our government in our name.

Tickets: $10 / $5 students/low-income / $60 sustainer (includes 5:30 reception & front-row seating, information below). To ensure a seat, purchase in advance.

Purchase tickets on line.

Those who prefer to pay via check or cash can call 866-973-4463 to arrange in-person purchase/pick-up of tickets.

Time is short. Download the flyer and spread the word.

Please Join us at a special "Meet the Speakers" Reception:

Apple Restaurant
17 Waverly Place, across Washington Sqare Park from Judson Church

$60 per person includes front row seat at Judson, reception at Apple, and gift bag

Purchase tickets online

Those wanting to purchase tickets in advance but who would prefer to pay by check or cash, call 866-973-4463.

IF you cannot attend, please make a donation to World Can't Wait to cover the expenses of immediate organizing in the wake of the election.

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