Are we a people at peace with being at war?

No government should be allowed to do what the Bush regime has done the past 7 years!
With no regard for human cost or conscience the Bush regime pushes expanding endless war, spies on people here, and tortures abroad. Only you – and not your government – can bring this all to a halt. The World Can’t Wait.
Yet George Bush remains unrelenting and self-assured that he can drive the savageness of his agenda into the next administration. U.S. military moves and diplomatic maneuvering have not let up. A campaign of lies similar to those leading to the attack on Iraq are being put out to justify an attack on Iran. Bush, McCain and Obama have all refused to rule out the use of NUCLEAR weapons in an attack on Iran. All three call for an escalation - more troops and more money – for the war in Afghanistan. Last Friday’s Presidential debate became a contest of who can call for the more aggressive policy – now expanding the war with attacks into Pakistan is “on the table”. Who will speak up? Who will stop this?
It is up to us. People of conscience take responsibility for what their own governments do. People of conscience should not allow themselves to be demobilized by the political and moral terms of an election that calls for “national unity” while carrying out and expanding unjust wars for empire.
Will there be a pole of opposition that inspires with its moral clarity and fearless truth-telling? An increasingly visible independent political force of resistance, protest, and acts of conscience that people can join with and persevere with until this whole criminal program is brought to a halt? Join us.

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