We want to know what you think

Highlight this page beginning here, copy and paste it into your email program and answer this questionnaire and sent it to nyc@worldcantwait.org

We want to know better your thinking on the current situation in this country and the world and what can and should be done to change it in this period ahead.

Please take a few minutes to answer this, and sent it back to us at nyc@worldcantwait.org

1. Do you still see importance and possibility to DRIVING OUT the Bush Regime, including through impeachment? __Yes, __ No, __ Maybe/Not sure

Further thoughts:

2. Do you see importance and possibility to act now to BRING TO A HALT KEY PARTS OF THE CRIMINAL PROGRAM and DIRECTION brought forward by BUSH & Co. -- the wars, torture, attacks on civil liberties, etc.? __Yes, __No, __Maybe/Not sure. Please further thoughts:

Do you see this criminal program continuing past 2008, if we don't act?
__ Yes, __ No , __Maybe/not sure. Further thoughts:

3. How do you see the outcome of the elections affecting all this?
No change__, Big change__ Other__ Futher thoughts:


Anti-war activities

___Counter-recruiting (more details in future email).

___Help launch No Attack on Iran Coalition (more details in future email)

___Emergency response team (react to attack on Iran or other events )

___Help organize demonstrations (Out of Iraq/No War with Iran)

___Work on team to plan forums/events

___Other _____________________________

Anti-Torture activities

___Work on team to press for firing of John Yoo (author of torture memos)

___Get “No Torture” Banners to churches and other groups

___Participate in “No Torture” actions, including waterboarding demonstrations

___Write “Letters to the Editor” on the issue of torture as illegal and immoral


Impeachment activities

___Press Jerrold Nadler (CD8—chair of Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties of the House Judiciary Committee) who is sitting on the Kucinich resolution to hold hearings on Cheney impeachment

___Leaflet for impeachment


Truth Squads & Demonstration at Democratic Party Convention

___Be part of team to ask pointed questions of candidates, or their representatives, at debates, rallies and forums

___Work to create a calendar of forums/debates in the metropolitan region

___Travel to Denver for protest at Democratic Party Convention (more details in future email)

Chapter Activities

___Help spread orange as the color of resistance to the Bush program

___Organize a house party with friends and/or co-workers -- contact us for info on speakers, videos and other resources for this.

___Do press/media for events

___Office work—data entry, telephones, etc (National Office)

___Do web design for the chapter


___Outreach, getting out fliers and other information


___Become a WCW member

___Make a donation (on-line donations can be made at end of this email).

___Approach others to donate

Other ideas/proposals that you think will make a difference and are willing to help organize:

Thanks for taking to time to fill out this survey. However you answer, it will help us get a picture of where we all are!

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