Stop an Attack on Iran - Urgent Call for Mobilization

Bush is on his way out!

... oh wait a minute...

He still has months to attack another country!

We must act now

Signs of impending War Against Iran are rapidly growing:

“Peace Keeping Mission” to Saudi Arabia

-The next day Saudi newspapers told the people to
prepare for nuclear fallout if the U.S. bombed Iranian nuclear sites

Demonization of Iran

-Declaring a threat of nuclear weapons even though the
“National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) reported in November 2007 the consensus of all the American intelligence agencies “with high confidence” was that Iran is not actively seeking to develop nuclear weapons. (Polk)”

-Statement from IAEA head says that this is a reminder of pre-war Iraq… “We have not seen any weaponization of their program, nor have we received any information to that affect — no smoking gun or information from intelligence. Based on the evidence, we have, we do not see ... a clear and present danger that requires that you go beyond diplomacy... For the last few years,we have been told by the Security Council ... that we needed to clarify the outstanding issues. We obviously had to welcome Tehran's decision to cooperate with the agency.”

-Declaring Iran a member of the “Axis of Evil” and labeling its military a terrorist

-Blaming Iran for the rise in violence in the Iraq

Admiral Fallon's Resignation in March

-Fallon was said to be “a lone voice against taking military action to stop the Iranian nuclear program.” (Atlas)

-“Apparently, President Bush’s firing of Admiral Fallon was meant to signal to the Iranians that
“all options remain on the table.” This is the publicly proclaimed policy of the Bush administration and has also been adopted by the Democratic Party aspirants to the White House, notably even by Barack Obama who recently said, “all options, and I mean all options, are on the table.” (Polk)

Israel Bombs Syria

-Israel bombed Syria in what may be an attempt to force Syria to activate their anti-aircraft electronics. This would allow Israel to discover the gaps in their defenses and to be able to
develop a flight path to Iran

A major part of the U.S. Navy is deployed in and around the Persian Gulf.

- “The numbers are stunning and include not only a vast array of weapons, including nuclear weapons, cruise and other missiles and hundreds of aircraft but also
“insertion” (invasion) forces and equipment” (Polk)

As this is being written, more and more evidence of a massive build-up and preparation for an attack is being documented. See article by Larry Everest with many more details and information sources.

Are you ready to DO something about

Noticing the beat of the war drums is only the beginning.

From here we need to own the responsibility and capability we have to fight this.

We will no longer allow people to die, countries to be destroyed, and lives to be ruined in our name.

We will not tolerate an escalation of militarization in the Middle East.

We will not be distracted by the glitter of the elections and will remain strong in our convictions.

We have truth and morality on our side and will not stand by to let this administration quietly destroy another country and its innocent civilians.

Come Thursday, May 22nd

6:30 PM, @1199/MLK Labor Center, 310 West 43rd Street, 7th Floor

Be part of Launching a mobilization to STOP impending war on Iran

Proposal for forging city-wide No Attack On Iran Coalition, with teach-ins, protests, and forging of emergency response network, so that every major step towards the war is met immediately by the a growing wrath of the people. The Chicago chapter of World Can't Wait has worked with other to launched such a coalition. Check out their web site.

A 10-minute preview of forth-coming documentary movie: Iran is NOT the Problem will be shown.

Come, bring your friends, if you are part of an organization, bring representatives to be part of building this from the ground up and fast. Every person's action and every day counts!


Also reports on other parts of the plans for Resisting & Repudiating the Bush Program
which came out of recent World Can't Wait National Meeting, including
No to Torture/Fire John Yoo action in Berkeley. Join outreach Wednesday, May 21st at NYU Law School Commencement.

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