January 11th in NYC will be scene of a broad array of actions against torture and government repression.

January 11th in NYC will be scene of a broad array of actions against torture and government repression. (details below)
Be there, spread the word, and make these as powerful as possible!
National actions against torture and to shut down Guantanamo detention center
Six years ago, on January 11, 2002, the U.S. opened its torture camp at Guantánamo. Bush claims "the U.S. does not torture" as he orders the destruction of videotapes that document the C.I.A. torturing prisoners. Leading Democrats like Nancy Pelosi were aware of these crimes and remained silent... but WE CANNOT. Torture is emblematic of the Bush agenda and direction it is taking society. We will not live in a Torture State!
In this spirit, World Can't Wait, joins with the ACLU, Amnesty International, National Religious Campaign Against Torture, to:
Get Anti-Torture Orange on the TODAY SHOW! 6:15 AM
The idea is to attend the Today Show – where audience members outside the studio and are seen by millions of home viewers. The ACLU is printing up special "Close Guantanamo" orange T-shirts for this. Meet on the north side of 48th Street between 5th and 6th avenues between 6:15 and 6:30 AM. Please do not bring signs. ACLU organizers will guide you from there. [Reserve shirt/RSVP to arosmarin@nyclu.org.]

Ribbons, bandanas, and special No torture sticker. Color NYC High schools Orange!
-- Special emphasis on mobilizing mass orange actions in area high schools. (Call tonight to hook up with a team going to a high school in the morning. Schools, churches, community centers and others are urged to hang banners and signs declaring "No Torture".
Join vigil starting at 1:00 PM, Foley Square Near 26 Federal Plaza, J/M/Z to Chambers St, 4/5/6 to Bkn Bridge-City Hall, R/W to City Hall). World Can't Wait is joining Witness Against Torture and others.
Demonstration of waterboarding in Times Square, 44th and Broadway, at 2:00 pm Waterboarding is torture and torture is a crime against humanity. (Performed by professional actors before news media. Assistance needed with leafleting and more, call 917-204-0927 to volunteer.)
Support those defying Federal Grand Jury Repression of Puerto Rican Independence Movement
9:30 AM Federal Court, Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn. As those who read Juan Gonzales' Daily News column yesterday have learned, another "front" in the moves towards "police state America" will also occur on January 11. Bringing to mind recent "Thought Crimes" legislation now in Congress, HR1955 ("Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007"), a number of young Puerto Ricans have been subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury investigating the Puerto Rican independence movement. As Bob Boyle of NYC National Lawyers' Guild said at a press conference today: "Federal grand juries have long been used to gather information on legitimate political activities". Support those resisting this. (Simultaneous emergency demonstrations are set in 9 U.S. cities and in Puerto Rico.)
Evening program:
An Evening of Voices Against Torture

Shayana Kadidal, staff attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights, speaking on U.S. government's use of torture and passing the Military Commissions Act. He works on CCR's major case on the illegal NSA domestic spying program and CCR's Patriot Act case.
Dr. Steven Reisner, a psychoanalyst and faculty member at NYU Medical School and at the International Trauma Studies program at Columbia. Dr Reisner has been on the forefront of the campaign to ban psychologist involvement in detainee interrogations.
Rev. N.J. L'Heureux, Executive Director of Queens Federation of Churches and outspoken minister against torture.
Organizers from World Can’t Wait who will present plans to make January a month of resistance to the monstrous crimes being committed in our name.
There will also be "report-backs" from the day's activities, including a representative of Puerto Rican Grand Jury resistance case.

St. Mary's Episcopal Church - 6:00 PM,
521 West 126th Street (between Broadway and Amsterdam Ave.) Take #1 train to 125th stop
Looking towards Thursday Jan 31: Repudiating the Whole Bush Program
No business as usual.
Starting at 12:30 PM at Columbus Circle.(Bring a metro card.)Details to be announced at http://nyc.worldcantwait.org/ "We can and must through mass political resistance create a political situation where this criminal regime is driven from office before their term is up - and the whole fascistic direction George Bush has been taking society is reversed. Only people highly mobilized and motivated by values that repudiate unjust war, bigotry and greed can bring the Bush agenda to a halt. Only the people who will not remain silent when their government tortures, terrorizes whole peoples and moves to quash dissent and critical thinking can change the course of history." - Read full January 2008 statement from WCW.
We won't live in a torture state!
Take action on January 11th: Be there, mobilize, donate generously.
Volunteers urgently needed. Contact us. Also everyone bring a digital camera or camera phone and take lots of photos and send them to us at the end of the night. The whole world is watching.

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