WCW Gift Ideas: Give a gift declaring your committment to peace, justice and end of the crimes of Bush Regime.

Give gifts with a conscience and a vision.
Some ideas:
Get/give the new 2008 calendar with stunning / inspiring photos: $15.00 (plus $10.00 for shipping/handling if ordered on line). Get 5 or more to give to everyone on your list -- 5 or more, $10.00 each. Email us to arrange getting them to you: nyc@worldcantwait.org
Give a $50 or $100 donation to World Can't Wait on behalf of a loved one or friend as your present. We will send you a certificate to put in your holiday card to the person, if you like. You can donate on line.
Give a package of orange ribbons, a bandana, or tshirt.
Gifts are available on line at http://www.worldcantwait.net/stor e/ and we will have an assortment of gifts at the above concert, or call us.

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