Powerful four days of action!
Donations Urgently needed for cost of mobilization

Over 20 thousand people marched on the Pentagon Saturday, March 17, demanding an end to the war on Iraq, no war on Iran, and that Bush be impeached. The crowd included many students and youth, veterans of the current Iraq war and other wars, and many others from around the country. The message that we must go "from protest to resistance" resonated from the stage and among the crowd, with many expressing disillusionment in the Democratic Party that has refused to stop the war, and an urgency to stop the bloodshed in Iraq and a new war on Iran. Sunday, over ten thousand marched in NYC , Monday there were actions on Wall Street and Tuesday, there were student walk-outs.
World Can't Wait was in the thick of all of these, with its message of "End the War NOW! Impeach Bush for War Crimes" and that Bush must be removed from office and his whole program must be repudiated. Otherwise, not only will the death and destruction in the Middle East continue for two more years, but everything Bush has done – torture, evisceration of habeas corpus, secret spying, a doctrine of pre-emptive war, moves toward theocracy – will be legitimated and continue.
Thousands of dollars are urgently needed, just in NYC area alone, to cover costs not yet paid, for powerfully bring the message to the Pentagon and to the World:

  • $4,000 is needed to pay back loans for reserving busses to bring people to Washington. While tens of thousands came, extreme bad weather eliminated the last minute surge in people getting bus tickets.

  • $1,000 is still need to pay back loans for the cost of printing 50,000 flyers (which both march information and the powerful World Can't Wait Call) in English and Spanish to outreach all over the city.

And donations are needed for our on-going work:

  • $250 is needed each month for a small organizing office
  • $100 is needed each month for a phone system for phone-banking out to thousands

Please make a generous donation and/or pledge a regular monthly donation.

Donate on-line with PayPal or credit card -- see sidebar.

Or send a check to: World Can’’t Wait, 305 Madison Avenue, Suite 1166, New York, NY 10165
A donation of $250, $500, $1,000 or more can make a vital difference in building this movement to do what the world is crying out for, organizing the critical mass of people to impeach Bush for war crimes and politically force out the Bush regime.

(You can choose to make a tax-deductible donation of $100 or more to support the educational activities of World Can't Wait if you make your check payable to "Alliance for Global Justice". Be sure to specify it is "for WCW-NYC" in the memo on the check. (Checks previously made out to World Can't Wait/AGJ were also acceptable.) Mail to: World Can't Wait, 305 W. Broadway #185, New York, NY 10013. At this time, on-line donations are not tax deductible.)

As the World Can't Wait Call says, "Politics as usual cannot meet the enormity of the challenge … We, in our millions, must and can take responsibility to change the course of history."
For more information and updates, including for bus tickets and bus departure locations, please visit http://nyc.worldcantwait.org/

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