"Freeze" Action on Aug 6th/Hiroshima Day @ Staten Island Ferry Terminal

"FREEZE" action at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal:

Penn Station freeze photo

"No Attack on Iran!"

Part of nation-wide "freeze" actions on "Hiroshima Day":
Wednesday, August 6th

Meet at 5:00 PM lower Manhattan, under Staten Island Ferry blue sign outside terminal. Take #1 Train to South Ferry. "Freeze" at precisely 5:30.

Our message: NO ATTACK ON IRAN!
U.S. military moves and diplomatic maneuvering have not let up. A campaign of charges and lies reminiscent of the run-up to Iraq war continues. Lies similar to those leading to the attack on Iraq are being put out to convince people in this country that an attack on Iran would be justified.

Why should proven liars on Iraq now be trusted around Iran? Massive new crimes against humanity are in preparation, all as the carnage continues in Iraq and Afghanistan. We must act now to stop it.

"Freeze" actions at Grand Central and Penn Station drew the creativity of 100-200 participants, and was seen directly by thousands, and on You-Tube throughout the world, including Iran. Building on that, on Hiroshima Day - August 6th, we will be part of a national day of "freeze" actions around the country, at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, Manhattan.

Bush mushroom cloud graphicWho is the real nuclear threat in the world today?

On the anniversary of the U.S. dropping the atom bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, killing over a hundred thousand civilians -- we will hold another freeze action - against a possible attack on Iran. Bush, McCain and Obama have all refused to rule out the use of NUCLEAR weapons in such an attack.

Our plan for "freeze" action at
Staten Island Ferry terminal:

Penn Station freeze photoWe cannot carry signs in the terminal, but your shirts will be carrying the message of "No Attack on Iran!" and passersby will see it and witness you standing frozen. The point is to act as if you are a mannequin. This is not an illegal action, and will only be 5 minutes, but we will make an impact. Afterwards, gather nearby at Battery Park. Join us!

We don't want to lose the effect of the "silent protest" - key is all of us acting together with precision. That is why we need to gather outside 30 minutes before the action, to prepare and "synchronize our watches" so that at exactly 5:30 PM inside, everyone will stop exactly where they are and freeze what they were doing and hold that pose for 5 MINUTES. To participate, email: wcwfreeze@gmail.com. Hope you can make it! This will be determined, but fun.

[photos courtesy of Garry Rissman]


Join World Can't Wait Saturday, August 2nd
March & Rally: No Attack On Iran

beginning at 12:00 pm at Times Square, 43rd Street & Broadway

Volunteers are needed to help make all this happen, as well for organizing "premier" showings throughout the area of the new film "Iran is not the problem" (dates and times to be announced soon) and developing a rapid response textmail network to swifly respond to any major moves towards an attack on Iran. Interested volunteers should email nyc@worldcantwait.org, and please include your telephone or cell number with your message so we can quickly pull organizing teams together.

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