Forum: A New Wave? War, Empire and Dissent in Cinema

World Can't Wait and Campus Progress Present:

A New Wave? War, Empire and Dissent in Cinema

Friday, April 25th 6:30 - 9:00 P.M.

NYU's Cantor Film Center, 36 East 8th St., NYC

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Join us as a distinguished group of filmmakers and writers convene to explore the growing phenomena of films that expose the crimes of the Bush Regime and portray the powerful and vital role of dissent.

Featured Panelist Include:
*Patricia Foulkrod, director/producer The Ground Truth
*Tami Gold filmmaker/producer and Film Studies Professor at Hunter College
*Paul Farhi, staff writer for the Washington Post
*Sheril Antonio, Associate Dean for Film, Television & New Media at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts
*Sinan Antoon, co-produced About Baghdadl
*Michael Tucker, writer and director of The Prisoner or: How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair

In a time when mainstream media and the major political parties steadfastly refuse to - air the majority demands for impeachment, to end the unjust, immoral, illegal war on Iraq, to respond to the emergency of global warming, to stop the slide into unfettered, dictatorial rule and hold Bush and Cheney accountable - books, music, and art (including movies, graphic artists, and comedians) have had to shoulder an unusually heavy burden to convey truth and facts to the people. The truth has never been more strangled, restricted and distorted in its dissemination to the American people than today.

Event co-sponsored by Campus Antiwar Network (CAN)-NYU

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