Declare It Now: Wear Orange! Drive Out the Bush Regime!

The urgent color of orange -- the color that has been assigned to those detained and tortured with no due process -- must become the color of a gathering sentiment to end the Bush regime and reverse its program.
Think of the millions of people in this country who are deeply distressed over the direction in which the Bush regime is dragging the country - and the world…
All the people who are outraged over the way in which this regime is still so arrogantly seeking to bludgeon into submission people in the Middle East, and throughout the world, while trampling on the rights of the people in the U.S. itself...
All the people who care about the future of humanity and the planet we live on, and who recognize the many ways in which this is increasingly in peril…
All the people who are stirred with a profound restlessness by these feelings but are held back by the fear that they are alone and powerless; or who say that they wish something could be done to stop and reverse this whole disastrous course, but nothing will make a difference; or who hope that somehow the Democrats will do something to change this, when everyday it becomes more clear that they will not.
If the Bush program is not massively repudiated through impeachment, then everything he has set into motion will continue under the next president. If you want the torture, the detentions and secret prisons, NSA spying on the public to stop; If you are worried about the future of habeas corpus and civil rights, and refuse to accept the creeping obliteration of secular society, the rights of women, science, reason and the freedom to dissent, then it’s time to stand up and Declare It Now. By impeachment, resignation or indictment, this regime must be held accountable for the crimes they have committed. They must be driven from power!
What if out of this deep reservoir of people, there was a way to break people out of this conundrum where millions are furious but still paralyzed, a way to make visible what is objectively already there – but frustrated and diffuse without a vehicle that really measures up the immensity of the challenge?
Join in a campaign to Declare It Now: Wear Orange that can give people the heart, courage and sense of collective strength to rouse themselves and others as a powerful counter-force. This counter-force can alter the political atmosphere from one of paralysis and despair into one of massive mobilization and of people acting independently to change all this. A groundswell of orange that can turn into a groundswell that rises up from below and has the potential of sweeping Bush from office before his term is up.
Declare It Now: Wear Orange! Wear orange everywhere you go and beginning
this Friday, and every Friday thereafter, join up with others in a mass way, gatherings of people wearing orange leafleting, doing street theater, holding up posters of the Bush regime’s crimes swell in size in a regular places each week.
Orange Fridays will help make visible a movement of the millions to force Bush and Cheney from office, repudiate the Bush regime’s program, and reverse the direction of this country.

Nationwide launching of “Orange Fridays”: July 27th
In NYC, converge at: Union Square, 5:00 PM

Converge at Union Square, 5pm. Hear Cindy Sheehan, Ann Wright, Victor Toro, Rev. Billy, Elaine Brower, Carlos Arredondo, Jonathan Tasini and local elected officials indict the Bush Regime, and explain why they are part of a movement to "Declare It Now" and wear orange to show their resistance to the Bush Regime.

Listen to music, join a marching band to bring more people in and help cover Union Square with the urgent color of orange.


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