Wash. DC January 27:
Stop the War Now!
Impeach Bus for War Crimes!

George Bush has a dramatic and risky plan to escalate and expand the war in Iraq, not all of which he’s revealed. There is no way a president who has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity should be in office. Now he’s pledged to commit more and worse – he is moving towards war with Iran. A president who has no popularity and little legitimacy should have none.
Join World Can’t Wait in Washington DC on Saturday January 27 th. Join us in raising a concrete and realizable goal for 2007: Impeach Bush for War Crimes!
The Jan. 27 protest is being organized by the United For Peace & Justice Coalition, of which World Can't Wait is a participant.
The New York City Chapter is chartering busses to DC - Get On the Bus

News Flash: We have doubled the number of busses and are still running out of seats! Please call 212-866-9653 for availability before purchasing on line.

Busses leave from Union Square East and 16th Street, Manhattan. Check in at 5:30 AM, busses will leave at 6:00 am SHARP.
Whether you come on our bus or the numerous other buses, join us in DC to:

Distribute signs and stickers saying “IMPEACH BUSH for WAR CRIMES!” and “DRIVE OUT THE BUSH REGIME”
and 100,000 copies of the our Call to Drive Out the Bush Regime
Find hundreds of new organizers and enlist them for immediate political action across the country, including teach-ins and a campus speaking tour February/March.
Help form a contingent wearing orange jumpsuits to represent the detainees at Guantanamo Bay, who can now be legally tortured and denied habeas corpus under the Military Commissions Act. The message that “Torture + Silence = Complicity” needs to be part of the outpouring on Jan. 27.
Further information about how to hook up with us in Washington, DC if you are coming to DC by other buses, etc. will be posted on this web site, and on the recording for the NYC Chapter (212-969-0772) a few days before the demonstration.

Hook up in Washington, DC:
Whether you are coming on World Can't Wait busses, other busses or by car, hook up with World Can't Wait in D.C. on Jan. 27, at 4th Street and Madison Drive, at the edge of the Mall, across from the National Gallery of Art east building (click here for a map). This is a 5-block walk down the hill from Union Station (Red Line Metro Stop) and about the same distance from the Smithsonian Metro stop (Orange and Blue Line).
See you in DC!. Stop the War Now! Impeach Bush for War Crimes!

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